Batesville District UMC

Map 1 of 2: Hwy 167 (St. Louis St.) and Hwy 69 (Harrison St.) intersect the town (on the map it is where the word "Batesville" appears.) You access Eagle Mountain Blvd by turning south off of Harrison St. at the stop light by the Walmart Store. The red star marks the parsonage on the map.

When you turn south onto Eagle Mountain Blvd (by Walmart's) you are 1.2 miles from the parsonage. (Be sure to veer right at the "Y" located about 0.7 mile past the turnoff.) The parsonage will be on the right side of the road about 0.5 mile past the "Y".

It is an off white vinyl siding and red brick home, with a white storage shed and privacy fence in the back yard.

The Batesville District Parsonage

Located at 760 Eagle Mountain Blvd, in Batesville.
(Built in 1995 and bought by the district in 1998.)

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